Interior Design 2 students are creating the construction house floor plan in SketchUp for Schools. They have to measure the door and window placements with a scale ruler first in order to duplicate.
about 2 hours ago, Teri Bruning
AP United States history students presented one minute informational lectures on a variety of topics, Chautauqua style, just like 19th century America. #APUSH #DragonPride
about 3 hours ago, John Denham
Get a hands-on approach to mechanical engineering drawing and architectural print making in Drafting 1 & 2. Drafting 1 is dual credit (3 hours) with ICC! Create 2-D and 3-D modeling software and create a full set of residential architectural home prints “CareerTechEd #dragonpride
about 3 hours ago, Mike Kaliski
Survey of FACS students chopped and arranged veggie trays to complete the Food and Nutrition unit.
about 3 hours ago, Teri Bruning
Help out a local business AND Pekin Athletes? Is a Large Pizza considered a personal pan pizza? #YES
about 5 hours ago, Cole Stoner
3rd Hour Biology…showing off their model-making talents!
about 5 hours ago, Erika Gilmore
proud of their efforts!
And the model-building continues! Cell Membranes GALORE!
about 6 hours ago, Erika Gilmore
Ms G’s 2nd hour
Ms. G’s Second Hour
Cell Membrane models DONE! ✔️
about 7 hours ago, Erika Gilmore
Trey and Camden
Sophia, Jenna’s and Siann
Kiera, Leila, Kaelyn and Mya
Ethan-wearing cell membrane hat!
Check out today’s Course Spotlight: DRAWING To learn about all PCHS courses visit:
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Attention Seniors! Check out today's Scholarship Spotlight! All scholarships can be found on the PCHS Scholarship Database at: Local Scholarships are due March 20th.
about 8 hours ago, Counseling Department
Boys Basketball: Metamora 53 Pekin 41 #MidIllini
about 19 hours ago, Cole Stoner
AP Psych students took a field trip to Jefferson and Wilson schools last week to meet their illustrators as they conclude the unit on development.
about 20 hours ago, Colleen Kahl
on the bus
After winter trivia yesterday, students challenged one another to rock, paper, scissors today! Sophomores and juniors are tied with the most points so far!
about 20 hours ago, Colleen Kahl
r p s
rps 3
Printing, cutting, taping, pressing, clamping, matching, packaging, and delivering....these are all skills the Life Skills students have perfected over the past week as they made over fifty pairs of Valentine's Day themed earrings!
about 21 hours ago, Cynthia Hinderliter
Packing brown sugar requires a bit of “force”! Thank you to Julie Dantone and Kaytlin Beekman, Univ. of IL Extension Instructors, for using science to educate our Life Skills classes on the importance of hand washing and how a bit of force may be needed to measure correctly.
about 21 hours ago, Marj Oesch
Packing the brown sugar!
Using just the right amount of “force” to level it off.
Even our littlest Dragons have a hard time understanding their big feelings. ECE students created interactive bulletin boards to help sort them out. #DragonPride #ECERocks #LittleKidsHaveBigFeelingsToo
about 23 hours ago, Ryne Koeppel
Incoming 8th Grade Tours are tomorrow Night! Come check out our wonderful school! #Dragonpride #Futuredragons
about 24 hours ago, Joel Schmieg
Survey of FACS students prepped veggies and dip for their knife safety lab! They will be arranging their trays tomorrow.
1 day ago, Teri Bruning
Livestream for tonight's game at Metamora:
1 day ago, Cole Stoner
Thee doughnut bake-off continue with a strawberry one in the development stage.
1 day ago, Billie Cassidy