2023-2024 School Year for Army JROTC


Recapping the February events, it had a good start with the JROTC Drill team practicing almost all week long, going to Leavenworth High School In Kansas on the 24th, for the 3rd Brigade Competition. The Unarmed Regulation team got 5th place out of 18 schools, Unarmed Color Guard got 8th place, placing 5th overall. The JROTC Rifle team on February 3 ended the season with a final match against Joliet at the PCHS range. 

Our Raider Team left PCHS on March 1, to compete in Rockford, IL  on March 2. The Drill team place 2nd out of around 25 schools on the 15th in Waukegan, IL. The Drill team has also been invited to a new competition in Hubbard, IL on April 19th-20th. The last competition will be Drill Nationals in Daytona, Florida leaving on April 30 and coming back home on May 5th.

Thank you to Cadet Captain Mylee Hoyle and Cadet Corporal Travis Medearis for attending the February promotion board.  

Reminders: Any cadet NCO or below may participate in the monthly promotion board to compete for Cadet of the Month, and may also compete against other Cadet of the Month recipients for Cadet of Year. Lastly, cadets that participate on teams should pack for competitions at least a day prior to departure, to make sure the cadet will not forget anything.   

Sergeant Major (Retired) David Merritt (309) 347-4101/4382


First Sergeant (Retired) Julio Rodriguez (309) 477-4379/4382