2023-2024 School Year for Army JROTC

September Newsletter

- September 1st: Senior Night Color Guard

Senior Night, a night where seniors are honored in the PCHS stadium. Cadet Walsh said “I enjoyed walking with my senior BN cadets, I spent all of my highschool career with them and I’m glad that we’re all finishing this chapter of our life together. Being recognized as a senior feels honoring to all the work put into getting where I, and others, are now.” The seniors gave their parents roses in appreciation of all their work to help them through their life.

- September 5th: Honor Guard at Par-A-Dice Casino

The Honor Guard is a group of cadets who honor the prisoners of war (POW’s) and the missing in action (MIA’s) at the POW/MIA Missing Man Table. The honor guard consisted of cadets Ariel Kinney, Josue Godoy, Harley Tovrea, Jarron Barnes, and Gavin Mlecko. The Honor Guard also had the opportunity to stay and dine with the audience after the ceremony.

- September 5th-8th: Drill Tryouts

Drill consists of drill teams, which perform routines with facing movements and marching. In PCHS, there is an armed and unarmed team, but currently there is only an unarmed team (armed team members will be selected from returning members from previous years). This year’s drill tryouts successfully recruited more than 10 new cadets, who will travel with the rest of the team to the first upcoming competition in Cahokia (occurs October 14th).

-September 8: Blackout Game

The Blackout game this year was a football game between Pekin and Dunlap. It is also a fundraising event for Easterseals, a nonprofit organization that helps the disabled and performs community service. The students of PCHS wear specially designed black t-shirts (hence the name “Blackout”) and each t-shirt purchased is a donation of money to Easterseals. We had the honor of presenting the colors during the matchup.

-September 15: Honor Guard

Taking place in Edwards IL. The ceremony took place for a powwow. The team was honored to participate due to the unique experience and the special perspective of culture. Mlecko said “I felt honored doing this, and it was interesting how it took place on a native burial site.”

-22 September: Football Color Guard

Pinkout football game that we had the honor of presenting the colors at.


- October 5: First promotion board 

The promotion board is for cadets who want to rank up to a sergeant (E-5) or higher by answering a series of questions. Simultaneously, the Cadet of the Month board will always happen at the same time. The Promotion Board paperwork must be turned in and approved 14 days prior to the board. It starts immediately after school in E107 in Class-A uniform.

- October 6: Hoco Parade & Color Guard

The parade starts at 4pm. On October 6th. Our battalion marches in the parade in the PT uniform. We march from James Park to the highschool. The colorguard leads the battalion.

-October 9: Honor Guard

Our Honor Guard will perform a ceremony for the Greater Peoria Honor Flight

-October 10: Volley for the Cure CG

Volley for the Cure is a volleyball game aimed at raising awareness to breast cancer occurring from 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Our colorguard will be presenting in the event

- October 14: Raider team event & drill competition 

October 14th at 8 p.m, The raider team is competing at Richwoods High School. PCHS originally had the raider team but killed it, but now it’s returning with new eager members ready to compete. The drill competition will be happening in Cahokia on the same day.

Sergeant Major (Retired) David Merritt (309) 347-4101/4382


First Sergeant (Retired) Julio Rodriguez (309) 477-4379/4382