What does JROTC stand for?
Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps

What is JROTC?
The program is a full credit elective course that provides interesting classroom instruction. Combined with the opportunity to serve the school and community, participate in extra-curricular activities, enjoy active social programs, and have the opportunity for early leadership.

What is exactly taught in class?
The material covered in the program varies throughout the year. It has short segments on a variety of topics related to citizenship, wellness and first aid, geography, leadership, the armed forces, and the nation.

Is a JROTC cadet obligated to any kind of military service after graduation?
No! There in no obligation of any kind to join the service. Many of the cadets do not go into the military, but for those who are interested in pursuing a job in the military JROTC is a real benefit.

What about the instructors, are they in the armed forces?
No. The teachers are retired military officers and senior non- commissioned officers. They are still high school faculty members like all other teachers. They have served all over the world and have a wide variety of experiences and many are combat veterans.

Does a cadet have to pay for any of the supplies?
There is a one time $20 fee for the Physical Training Uniform. The course materials, military uniforms, supplies, equipment, and most other costs are covered by the military or school. There may be some things the cadet has to pay for such as field trips, issued equipment that is lost or damaged, or special equipment for the drill team or color guard.

What are the benefits I can gain from the course?
Aside from the normal benefits of a good high school course, there are some very real benefits for those who what to take advantage of them.
All military services give up to two pay grades (two ranks) advanced standing for people who enlist after successfully completing Junior ROTC courses in high school.
Many colleges give advance standing and credit for completion of the JROTC program to students who are enrolled in college ROTC.
For those who are interested in fully paid college scholarships and those seeking Service Academy appointments, JROTC instructors have been very successful each year in helping high school students obtain ROTC scholarships and Service Academy appointments. Scholarships worth up to $50,000.00 each and Service Academy appointments worth up to $200,000.00 each are awarded to qualified high school students annually.

What does the JROTC high school program offer me that I can’t get anywhere else?
The program has a lot to offer young women and men who want to get the most out of their high school years. JROTC gives you the chance to acquire basic military knowledge and leadership abilities, but its primary objective is to develop good citizenship and patriotism in each student.

What does a cadet learn in the JROTC course?
You will be instructed by experienced Army officers and non-commissioned officers who have a high regard for education and training and enjoy working with young adults. In JROTC you’ll get practical experience in organization and leadership development. You’ll learn what teamwork is all about. You’ll learn to think quickly, to be sure of yourself, to communicate your ideas, and to become self-reliant. You’ll also learn military history and the military role in current events, and you’ll develop a full appreciation of our national heritage. As a JROTC cadet, not only will you study such topics as Current Events, World Events, Survival Training, and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, but you’ll learn their practical applications through school and community service. Between your JROTC classes and school and community service projects, you’ll also have time for special training, extra-curricular activities, as well as socializing with fellow cadets from other schools.

Do cadets spend all their time in the classroom?
No. You will experience such things as rifle training, map reading, and obstacle courses. This training reinforces all you have learned in the classroom because it gives you the opportunity for firsthand experience.

What kind of extracurricular activities does JROTC offer?
We sponsor a variety of extra-curricular activities through JROTC. Among these are drill teams, honor and color guards, rifle teams, physical fitness teams, and academic teams.

If a person is a member of an Army JROTC program can they still join a different military branch?
A cadet can still join the Coast Guard, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps if they choose. The JROTC program will focus mainly on the Army and its role in the world, but there are many opportunities to learn about any of the other branches of the military and the jobs that they have to offer.

Are both girls and boys enrolled?
Yes. The average boy/girl ratio is 3/7. All leadership positions are available to both sexes equally.

Can I still do other activities outside of JROTC?
Certainly. JROTC students are involved in many things outside of JROTC from varsity sports, band, choir, student government, and other clubs. You can spend as much or as little time as you want to with JROTC.

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