BN Commander: Cadet LTC Cooper Davis

BN XO: Cadet MAJ Melina Hall

BN CSM: Cadet CSM Ethan Baker

S-1 The battalion adjutant is the administrative assistant to the battalion commander. The adjutant is also responsible for performing other administrative duties as assigned by battalion commander, battalion executive officer, or the instructor staff.

OIC- Cadet CPT Julianna Lane

NCO- Cadet SSG Adison Ray


S-2 The battalion assists the battalion commander and the instructor staff in matters pertaining to unit security and enforces the provisions of the security requirements for the battalion.

OIC- Cadet 1LT Julia Capterner

NCO- Cadet SSG Ethan Hobbs


S-3 The battalion assists the battalion commander in the preparation, conduct, and supervision of all training activities of the cadet battalion. Additionally, the S-3 keeps the commander advised on the progress of training within the battalion.

OIC- Cadet MAJ. Alexis Falco-Creech

NCO- Cadet SSG Lucas King

ASSISTANT- Cadet SSG Brenna Johnson

S-4 The battalion logistics or supply officer is responsible for the maintenance, security, record keeping, issue, and turn in of all U.S. government property. The S4 coordinates the securing of property with the S2.

OIC- Cadet CPT Noah Steger

NCO- Cadet SGT Tyler Revelle 

ASSISTANT- Cadet SSG Autumn Moch 

S-5 In charge of all special projects assigned in the battalion. That includes updating all of the cadets with in the battalion from the school website. 

OIC- Cadet CPT Abbie Lester

NCO- Cadet SSG Alex Tomlinson