Pekin Students Get a Crash Course in Social Media

PEKIN, Ill. (WEEK) -- -

Before tweeting, texting, or hitting the post button, you may want to think about how it represents you.

Students at Pekin High are getting a crash course in social media 101.      

The lecture touches on several areas of social media literacy including understanding terms of service. Many people don't read the service agreement because it is long. You may not realize the privacy you give up when you agree to it.

Social media experts say parents need to educate their kids, but often don't understand the full impact of social media themselves.

"I would like to see ya know, almost mandatory parent sessions. Right? September the first day of school. We give our kids this device. But we ourselves as adults didn't grow up in the technology generation and learn with our kids," said Nick Chernoff of Safer Schools Together.