2020-2021 School Year for Army JROTC.

 Greetings from JROTC.

Happy Fall. Obviously at this time of year we are used to Fall Football and Color Guards that our JROTC Cadets participate in on those beautiful Friday evenings. With COVID, those games and evenings are not possible. With that, we wanted to let everyone know that the Homecoming Parade and the Military Ball are both cancelled. this semester. Our hope is we can do a version of these two events in the Spring time.

On a positive note, our Drill and Rifle Teams will be allowed to participate in competitions. Tryouts will begin and your Cadet should have brought home information about our teams. Unfortunately, no fans will be allowed at these events. Additionally, all social distancing rules will still be in place. Lastly, we will be looking for competitions because finding schools that are allowed to participate is now part of our challenge.

Additionally, of note, we will not be issuing uniforms to Cadets until further notice. Cadets are not allowed to change or be in large formations so uniform days are postponed until further notice. However, some Cadets who will be part of our Drill team will be issued uniforms.

Please feel free to stop by or talk to us at any time. Here is the link to our website on the PCHS website: https://www.pekinhigh.net/o/district/page/jrotc-home

Our direct lines to our phones in our office are as follows: LTC Larry Hallstrom at 309-477-4382 or lhallstrom@pekinhigh.net or 1SG Julio Rodriguez at 309-477-4379 or jrodriguez@pekin high.net

Thank you. Lt. Colonel Larry Hallstrom