2020-2021 School Year for Army JROTC.

 Greetings from JROTC.

As we begin the 2020-2021 school year in JROTC, things are just as unusual for our Cadets as they are in other places in our country. With awareness raised because of COVID, JROTC will look much different than it has in the past for all of us and I want to make you aware of a few of those changes as we begin the year.

First, we have 140 Cadets in JROTC to start the school year. These numbers are down a little from previous years mainly because many Cadets have elected to stay home during the school year. We fully understand this and why they would choose to learn from home. Understand, we are hopeful that we will all stay in school but as you know the potential exists that all of us may be forced to participate in remote learning at some time during the school year.

Second, I would like all of you to know, we are fortunate to welcome First Sergeant Julio Gonzalez as the new Assistant Instructor in JROTC. SFC Dan Blackburn resigned at the end of last year and First Sergeant Julio Gonalez came to us after 26 years in the U.S Army to teach and lead our Cadets. His email follows: jrodriguez@pekinhigh.net

Next, we are hopeful that our Cadets will still be able to participate in outside the classroom activities. As of now, our Drill Team and Rifle Team seasons are still a go. We hope to start these activities as we have in the past in the October timeframe. There will be much more information to follow reference these team events.

Also, we don't anticipate being able to do some of our normal activities. These include the Homecoming Parade, the Military Ball and other events outside the classroom that involve large numbers.

Additionally, of note, we will not be issuing uniforms to Cadets until further notice. Cadets are not allowed to change or be in large formations so uniform days are postponed until further notice.

Lastly, we value have your son and daughter in our program. Please feel to stop by or talk to us at anytime. Here is the link to our website on the PCHS website: https://www.pekinhigh.net/o/district/page/jrotc-home

Thank you. Lt. Colonel Larry Hallstrom