Link to Online Registration

Online Registration is now required for all Pekin High School athletes. Parents must first “sign-up”, and create an account at www.pekinathletics.com. Once you have signed up, you add your student and select the sports for which they intend to participate. Please note: The registration is not complete until the information under the “forms” tab is completed. If you have more than one student, you must add them one at a time. Also, the sports registration must be completed on a computer or laptop; this is not a mobile-friendly process.

IN ADDITION to registering online, all student-athletes must:

  • Have a valid physical exam on file at the High School, prior to the first day of practice. We recommend that freshmen obtain two copies of their physical: one for school registration, and one for athletics.
  • Have passed 5 classes in the previous semester. (Incoming freshmen are automatically eligible their first semester in high school.) During each season, athletes must be passing at least 5 classes each week to remain eligible for participation in athletic contests.
  • Provide proof of adequate accident insurance coverage. The school does not require purchasing school-offered insurance, if students have their own health insurance that will cover injuries. If you are interested in purchasing insurance, go to https://markel.sevencorners.com.
  • Obtain a “Ready Card” from the Athletic Department. This card lets coaches know that registration is complete, a sports physical is on file, and eligibility requirements have been met. IHSA by-laws state that student-athletes will not be admitted to practice or allowed to tryout until they have a Ready Card.
  • Follow the P.C.H.S. Extra-Curricular Activities Code.
  • Represent P.C.H.S. and conduct yourself in a positive manner.