Help with Applications

Increase your chances of admission by highlighting the following on your application:

  1. Grades and test scores – This may be obvious by these scores are one of the first things colleges consider. Make sure you do what you can to get these as high as possible.
  2. Extracurricular activities – Have you taken a leadership role in your activities? What have you accomplished? Be sure to think quality over quantity.
  3. Rigorous course schedule – Schools want to see challenging courses that will help you grow academically, which includes your ENTIRE senior year.


College app essay presentation

Applications Do’s and Dont’s

DO follow the rules – if an application asks you to choose one essay, do NOT answer them all. Read the application directions completely before answering any questions.

DO include everything – verify all forms have been signed and that you have included all essays and recommendations. Double check that you have not left out anything important. Make copies for your records.

DO pay attention to the deadlines – submit your application with plenty of time to spare. You may want to send your application via certified mail or request an email receipt if you applied online (for added assurance that it arrived on time).

DON’T procrastinate – letting things wait until the last minute might mean leaving something out or making mistakes on the application. You want to take as much time as possible on your application.

DON’T leave anything out – be careful to not treat an online application like an instant message (IM) or email. An admissions office does not want to see smiley faces or IM slang. Treat an online application with the same seriousness as you would a paper one.