Calendar for College Bound Juniors


  • Plan family college discussion
  • Prepare courses with school counselor
  • Prepare list of questions for college reps
  • Attend PCHS College Information meeting
  • Sign up for PSAT
  • Set goals for GPA (grade point average) and class rank
  • Schedule time to meet with college reps that visit PCHS


  • Attend ICC college night
  • Take PSAT
  • Learn what components makeup cost to attend college
  • Plan how to pay for college
  • Review descriptions of different types of schools
  • Begin to understand basics about Federal and private loans


  • Talk with college friends home on break
  • Final exams – grades are very important


  • Identify characteristics you want in a college
  • Attend PCHS Financial Aid Night
  • Attend college fairs


  • Prepare for the SAT. Register for ACT if you plan to take it on a National Test Date.


  • Plan summer campus visits
  • Narrow your college list to a reasonable number
  • Estimate how much various colleges will cost
  • Begin reviewing and preparing for the SAT exam
  • Attend Junior Family Night


  • Take the SAT at PCHS
  • Get a summer job to save extra money for college


  • Improve your reading and vocabulary skills
  • Continue searching for scholarships and ways to pay for college
  • Combine vacation plans with campus visits
  • Start working on your college application essays
  • Talk to people in interesting careers
  • Decide who you’ll ask to write letters of recommendation
  • Talk with college friends home for summer
  • See  “Calendar for College-Bound Senior“