Semester Study Skills

Welcome back! It’s time to prepare for the last three weeks of school! Our Instructional Methods Facilitator, Mrs. Coussens-Martin will be providing study skills and resources for the students. All of the resources can be found here:


This is a great tool for trying to extend students’ study time beyond the night before, but may also calm many students’ anxieties in preparing for finals.

Here is a sample calendar:


Here is a a link to a calendar you can print:


Everyone is familiar with the strategy of studying with notecards (with definitions, formulas, vocab., diagrams, etc. on one side and answers on the back).  The attached “placemat” makes notecard study more efficient, as students have to keep going through the “try agains” (thus spending more time with the ones they don’t know).


Ideas for use:

  • Self-quiz
  • Partner quiz
  • Make it a game – the least number of “rounds” with the “try again” pile wins!


You know and love it as a vocabulary tool, but it also makes a great study aide:  The Frayer Model.  In addition to vocabulary, it can be used for phrases, concepts, processes, etc.

Ideas for uses:

  • Students studying by themselves can fill them out and use them to consistently look over important material.
  • Students can also leave the middle part blank (where the word/phrase would go) as a way to self-quiz.
  • These are also great to compare with others to see similarities and differences in how they were filled out.
  • And many others…


Today’s study idea is to make visual representations of important content, processes, vocabulary, etc.

Whether on paper or digitally, using pictures/maps is powerful for memory and learning.


The last study ideas I’m passing along:


  • Formation of study groups:  There are some tips on the attached sheet.  Perhaps the biggest tip is for any study group to set timers for themselves, or they won’t get much done…
  • Making practice tests:  Probably seems like a no-brainer, but kids just don’t think of it, in my experience.  There are tips for this on the attached sheet, as well.