Physical Education Classes

(The following is taken directly out of the student handbook)

“Physical Education is concerned with teaching skills, acquisition of knowledge, and development of attitudes through human movement.  Our program proveds each students with several opportunities – from assessment of fitness levels and participation in a variety of activities to development of lifetime skills which can be used for both fitness and recreation the rest of their lives.  We emphasize helping our students attain an acceptable fitness level commensurate with their age, and the knowledge to maintain their fitness after high school. (0.25 units per semester)

Recent data indicated an alarming state of fitness of our nation’s high school age population.  The Pekin Community High School Physical Education Department has as its first priority the establishment of a program designed to counter this trend.

Teachers prescribe exercises for each class that will improve the fitness and health of each student.  Each instructor is responsible for a plan they feel will improve each class’s fitness.  Factors involved include (a) intensity, (b) frequency, (c) duration, (d) overload principle and (e) specificity.

Physical Education emphasizes activities, skill development, and fitness.  Due to the concentration on fitness, less emphasis is place on teaching skills.  Nevertheless, skill development is a part of the lifetime activities/sports which they can use for both fitness and recreation the rest of their lives.”

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