Patrick Lowder

Mr. Lowder is completing his first year of both teaching Physical Education and coaching the Girl’s Tennis Team here at PCHS.  This is also his second year of being the Head Coach for the Boy’s Tennis Team.  Mr. Lowder received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education from Western Illinois University in December of 2005.  Mr. Lowder has five years of teaching experience, most recently at North Pekin-Marquette Heights District #102.

Mr. Lowder’s teaching schedule is:

  • 1st period – Weight Lifting
  • 2nd period – Prep
  • 3rd period – Weight Lifting
  • 4th period – Regular PE
  • Lunch
  • Advisory
  • 5th period – Weight Lifting
  • 6th period – Weight Lifting

Contact Information: Mr. Lowder can be reached during 2nd period at (309) 347-4101 x6212 or via email at