2018-2019 School Year for Army JROTC.

Welcome back to Pekin Army JROTC Dragons. As the new school year begins, we have several events going on that we would like parents and members of the community to be aware of in 2018-2019.

Our Mission: Motivating young people to become better citizens!

At this point time, there are over 175 cadets on the rolls this year as we begin the new year. The school has issued new Chrome Books to your Cadet and we are excited to use them in our classrooms in JROTC

I want to highlight a few important dates for everyone that your cadets will be participating in:

8-9 September. Marigold parking here at Pekin High School. Letters to parents will go out this week. This is a community service project and we help the city of Pekin with parking at the weekend festival.

21 Sep- 9 Oct 2018. Our annual Butter Braid fundraiser. More information to follow.

5 Oct. The annual homecoming parade that all Cadets march in on Broadway Street. Letters went home to parents and this is a mandatory event for all Cadets that takes place immediately after school on homecoming day here at PCHS.

Uniforms are being issued as we speak. Remember, every Monday is uniform day. Cadets will get a lot information on this and we anticipate the first uniform day to be on 10 September.


Thanks for your support. LTC Larry Hallstrom