Kelly Godar

Mrs. Godar is in her 8th year at PCHS.  She currently teaches Health and Introduction to Health Occupations.  Mrs. Godar has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Education from Illinois State University.  She has been a Health Educator and advocate for the past 17 years.  Mrs. Godar is currently serving on the Student Achievement Committee at PCHS and has completed training to collect Instructional Practices Inventory (IPI) Data.

Mrs. Godar’s teaching schedule is:

  • 1st period – Intro to Health Occupations
  • 2nd period – Intro to Health Occupations
  • 3rd period – Prep
  • 4th period – Health
  • Lunch
  • Advisory
  • 5th period – Health
  • 6th period – Health

Contact Information: Mrs. Godar can be reached during 3rd period at (309) 347-4101 x6417 or via email at