ACT Test

The ACT consists of four multiple-choice tests: English, Reading, Math, and Science (with an optional Writing portion). Students are given a score (1-36) for each test as well as an overall score. The Writing test score does not affect a student’s Composite score. However, many colleges use the Writing Test score for course placement. Since there is no penalty for guessing, students should answer every question.

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Test Date Registration Deadline (Late Fee Required)
September 10, 2016 August 7, 2016 August 8-19, 2016
October 22, 2016 September 16, 2016 September 17-30, 2016
December 10, 2016 November 4, 2016 November 5-18, 2016
February 11, 2017* January 13, 2017 January 14-20, 2017
April 8, 2017 March 3, 2017 March 4-17, 2017
June 10, 2017 May 5, 2017 May 6-19, 2017


PCHS High School Code – 143-415

If you take the ACT Plus Writing, your report will be mailed when all your scores, including Writing, are available, usually within 5-7 weeks after the test date.Score reports are normally mailed within 3-7 weeks after test date.

10 Tips for Taking a Standardized Exam

  1. Get plenty of sleep the night before the test.
  2. If you feel nervous before beginning, try to relax by taking a few deep breaths.
  3. Maintain confidence in your abilities and plan to do your best. Your attitude can affect your performance.
  4. Listen carefully to all instructions and ask questions if you hear something you don’t understand.
  5. Focus your attention entirely on your work.
  6. Position your answer sheet next to your test booklet so you can mark answers quickly and accurately.
  7. Before answering each question, read it completely, as well as all the possible responses.
  8. When you are unsure of an answer, choose the one you think is best and go on to the next question. Be sure to answer every question.
    There is no penalty for guessing.
  9. Pace yourself throughout the test by occasionally checking the time.
  10. If you complete the test before your time is up, reread the questions and check your answers.

ACT National High School Graduating Class Report

The table below compares average ACT scores for students who reported they completed or planned to complete a college preparatory high school curriculum with those students who had not.