Doug Nutter

Mr. Nutter is finishing up his first year as the Department Chair for PE/Health/Dr.Ed./Dance, his 7th year of teaching Physical Education, and his 5th year as the Head Football Coach.  He received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education and Teacher Education from Upper Iowa University in May 1998.  He completed his student teaching at North Fayette High School in West Union, Iowa.  Mr. Nutter was previously employed at Lowpoint-Washburn High School for seven years of teaching Physical Education and Health, as well as being Head Boy’s and Girl’s Track Coach.  He was also the Head Coach for the River Valley Falcons football co-op.  Mr. Nutter was a graduate of Limestone Community High School.

Mr. Nutter’s teaching schedule is:

  • Early Bird – Weight Lifting
  • 1st period – Prep
  • 2nd period – Weight Lifting
  • 3rd period – Supervision
  • 4th period – Weight Lifting
  • Lunch
  • Advisory
  • 5th period – Department Chair

Contact Information: Mr. Nutter can be reached during 1st period at (309) 347-4101 x6263 or via email at