Mission & Goals

Mission Statement: Pekin Community High School District No. 303 is committed to preparing all students to become responsible, productive and enlightened citizens who can meet the challenges of a changing society by engaging them in a high quality, diverse and contemporary learning environment which maximizes the talents of students, staff, families and the community.

Student Achievement

To provide a learning environment that will increase all levels of student achievement.

  • Improve student learning with the aid of the Illinois Learning Standards and local curricular development.
  • Improve graduation rate through programs that match the goals, expectations and financial ability of the district.
  • Expand recognition of student achievement.
  • Expand overall student involvement in curricular and extracurricular activities.
  • Expand offsite traditional and nontraditional educational opportunities in order to embrace an individual student’s talents and abilities. These opportunities will include but are not limited to co-op, internships, independent learning and community service.
  • Provide a school environment free from all forms of physical, mental and emotional harassment.


To provide technology for use as an instructional tool and to advance the students, community, faculty, staff, administration and Board of Education’s technological skills and usage.

  • Develop a school environment where students learn the skills to become proficient information seekers and critical analyzers of that information. In becoming more adept at locating and analyzing information, students will utilize knowledge creatively rather than acquire it passively.
  • Utilize technology to efficiently deliver services to students, staff and community.
  • Develop a school environment where the role of student has moved from passive learning to that of an active learner who explores; plans his/her own goals, strategies and assessments; is self directed; is a problem solver and can work as a team member to reach goals.
  • Develop a home/school communication link that serves as a source for parents to obtain information about school and activities in general and their student in particular.
  • Provide technology hardware and software that is as current as funds allow and readily accessible so that students have opportunities to use software and hardware that enhance learning activities, stretch their imagination and challenge them to work productively and creatively.


  • Maintain and improve school facilities in a manner that promotes the safety, security and welfare of all members of the school community.
  • Provide adequate funding and staffing by the district so that school facilities can be properly maintained and appropriately improved.
  • Respond to requests for routine maintenance in a professional and timely fashion.
  • Evaluate and upgrade school facilities in reference to accessibility compliance and convenience. View building and campus decor as an important component of the educational environment and demonstrate a commitment to overall campus beautification.
  • Encourage all parties of the school community to take an active role in promoting the appropriate care and maintenance of school facilities.
  • Encourage all communities that have students enrolled at Pekin Community High School to be active participants in initiatives which are designed to improve existing facilities.

Professional Community

To cultivate positive school-community partnerships.

  • Encourage and display cooperation and trust among all members of the professional community.
  • Encourage interdisciplinary and cooperative activities.
  • Demonstrate pride in the work environment.
  • Encourage improvement of staff members by offering professional development activities.
  • Seek, attract and retain quality employees.
  • Utilize training and use engaged learning principles to deliver curriculum.


  • Enhance community pride in Pekin Community High School.
  • Encourage involvement with and cooperation between Pekin Community High School and local businesses, other educational institutions and other organizations.
  • Encourage community involvement in meeting the needs of the school district.
  • Use Pekin Community High School and community retirees as a resource.
  • Strengthen the Pekin Area Foundation for Educational Excellence and develop an alumni organization to benefit the district and community.


To promote an environment that fosters collegiality and professional growth

  • To increase opportunities for staff to work collegially.
  • To review superintendent/Board communications and activities.

Belief Statements

  1. All students should have equal opportunity for education based on their needs and abilities to enable them to reach their maximum potential.
  2. Education is the responsibility of students, teachers, parents, community, administration and the Board of Education.
  3. A cooperative, professional school environment promotes student achievement.
  4. A safe, orderly and respectful environment is essential to a productive school.
  5. All students should have the opportunity to enhance their curricular activities through participation in extra-curricular activities.
  6. We must try to achieve continued access to a quality, diversified education in an environment of decreasing public resources.
  7. We must maintain fiscal responsibility within the district.