Clint Gossmeyer

Mr. Gossmeyer is finishing up his second year at PCHS as the swim instructor.  He is also in his second year of coaching as an Assistant Girl’s Basketball Coach.  This year he was also the Head Boy’s Cross Country Coach and an Assistant Men’s Tennis Coach.  Mr. Gossmeyer received his Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education from Eureka College in 2011.  He plans on furthering his education with a degree in administration.

Mr. Gossmeyer’s teaching schedule is:

  • 1st period – Prep
  • 2nd period – Swimming
  • 3rd period – Swimming
  • 4th period – Swimming
  • Lunch
  • Advisory
  • 5th period – Swimming
  • 6th period – Swimming

Contact Information: Mr. Gossmeyer can be contacted during 1st period at (309) 347-4101 x6380 or via email at